Wint Yee Hnin

Wint Yee Hnin

About Me

My name is Wint Yee Hnin, and I am an international student from Myanmar or Burma. I am currently a senior at Cornell College with major in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. I am expecting to graduate in May 2015. I have decided to major in Computer Science because whenever a program compiles and runs correctly, it gives me a feeling of success and self-satisfaction.

Work Experience

During the school year at Cornell College, I work as Database Services Assistant, where I create reports and queries, and Academic Technology Studio Assistant, where I help the students in using different software and technological devices. In summer 2013, I also worked as System Integation Testing Intern at Trapeze Group. I have learnt communication skills, procedures at work and familiarity with different softwares and languages from these work experiences.

Projects I worked on

  1. I worked on a maze-solving robot project with three other students in Human-Computer Interaction class at Cornell College. A turtlebot will solve a line-maze by using infrared sensors to track the line and wall-follower algorithm to find the solution for the maze.
  2. During summer 2014, I participated in Distributed Research Experience Undergraduates (DREU), matched with Professors Amarda Shehu and Estela Blaisten Barojas from George Mason University. I also collaborated with two other George Mason undergraduate students who participated in the same project. We worked on the flexibility of Met-Enkephalin, a naturally-occurring opioid that mediates pain.
  3. Currently, I am working on building an arm for turtlebot with two other Cornell students. The goal for the project is to follow the voice command, recognize the pattern of the object, pick it up and bring it to the commander. The tools used in this project are voice recognition and OpenCV for object recognition.

Languages I know

Java, Python, SQL, R, HTML, XML, LaTex, Burmese, English

Classes I took

  • Foundation of Computer Science
  • Software Architecture
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Computer Organization
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • System Software
  • Computer Networks
  • Data Management Systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Calculus II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Proof: Introduction to Number Theory
  • Analysis I
  • Foundations: Cellular Biology
  • Foundations: Organismal Biology
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • General Physics I


You can see more details about my work experience and extracurricular activities in my resume.


If there are any questions, you can contact me at or 626-863-0850.