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Outside Experience

Intern housing at George Mason University

The housing is pretty convenient for me. It is an apartment style housing, and the room is very big. There is a convenience store downstairs, and the bus stops are only a few minutes walk from the building. Also, the buses are really convenient as they get right to the front of the places that I need to go to.

Washington, DC


During this summer, I visited Washington, DC to meet my brother for a day. Washington, DC is only 30-minute drive from my place. However, as I do not have a car, I have to take the bus and Metro, which took me about one and a half hour. It takes time but it takes directly into DC.



In July 4th weekend, I visited Boston, where my brother lives, for a couple days. I visited those prestigious schools, the Deer Island watching the Boston skyline, and had a great variety of food. It was a quite refreshing trip.

New York


At the end of my research, I've visited New York and Niagara Falls for about one week. New York is such a crowded and diverse place, and worth-visiting. Also, I really loved Niagara Falls. It is a really peaceful and beautiful place.