MAX is designed to follow, scare, and shoot to protect the area from danger.

Functionality Videos

MAX has various functions that aid its defenses.

Person Recognition

MAX has the ability to recognize and track the movements of any people it sees. It can distinguish what is a person from what is not. MAX currently will only respond to what it deems is human.

Navigation &
Sentry Mode

MAX will randomly navigate throughout and area and respond to whoever it sees. Occasionally, he will enter sentry mode and scan the area for threats.

Following & Barking

MAX will detect people in the area and follow them, all the while attempting to scare them away with a fear-inducing bark.

Missile Targeting

Threats that do not leave the area will be targeted with MAX's missile launcher and attacked. At this point, MAX will have completed his action set.

Project Poster

The poster below highlights the work put into creating MAX.

All about MAX

Project Creators

Rocky Mazorow
Joseph McNeely
Stephon Mikell, Jr.
Peter Tran

Project Dates

Start: 2/17/14
Finish: 3/4/14

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Poster designed by Joe using
Scalable Vector Graphics.

Source Code & Documentation

A tidbit into how MAX operates.

Script Created by: Description I Robotics & Peter Autonomous Navigation A. Hubers, Rocky & Peter Follows People Rocky & Peter Annoying Barking Harvey Mudd College & Peter BANG BANG BANG Stephon People Detection
README Peter & Stephon Learn how to operate MAX

About Us

Joe - Missile & Graphics Specialist

A Senior Computer Science Major who learned that Hardware can give just as many problems as code can. Normally focused on Hardware and Digital Security, has some small skill with image editing software. Hopefully graduating at the end of this year, future plans unknown.

Peter - Programmer & Robot Operator

An optimistic fool who's too happy and ambitious for his own good. He secretly wants a simple life composed of living near the water and spending all his time in leisurely-leisure. Unfortunately he has some absurd pre-conceived notions that he's supposed to change the world and make it a better place. So his other secret wish is to take over the world in order to do so. He probably worked on this project so that he could get the experience and knowledge necessary to begin building his robot army.

Rocky - Visionary & Audio Specialist

A mathematics and a kinesiology double major who picked up a computer science minor in the hopes of bridging her majors. Her favorites past times are procrastinating and dreaming of being productive. Her current goals in life are to find Waldo and to write a man's guide to a woman's mind.

Stephon - Nocturnal Code Writer & Web Designer

A Happy-go-lucky dual computer science and biochemistry major who has little plans of combining the two into some cool future. He would most definitely prefer a life of menial day-to-day activities. A video gamer by night and a sleeper by day, his contributions to the project were usually done alone in the silence. Much like Batman. He is rarely seen, but the work gets done, so he probably does something. But nobody actually knows.