Dr. Richard A. Martin

Professor, English
Chair, English Department

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  "I love the communal feeling that a group achieves both within itself and with its audience when a tune 'takes off,' when it starts to swing, when all members of the group find the groove and the audience feels it. Such moments give a pleasure, a fulfillment, an exhilaration, a sense of mutual creation, an excitement, rhythm, beauty." (Cornell Reports)  

Yes, that's me playing the vibraharp in a jam session. Jazz has been an interest for a long time, and now the OCAAT calendar has let me develop that interest into a course--ENG 349: Jazz: Fact, Film, and Fiction. Students in that class hear a lot of music, and they read fiction and see films based on or derived from the jazz world. Our basic concern in 349 is to explore the ways artists in other media have tried to work with jazz, the unique American art form.

The OCAAT calendar has also helped me develop a long-standing interest in "green" writers. The course is ENG 350 American Nature Writers. Students in that class read, discuss, and write about several of our modern nature writers. They also go on excursions of their own, keep journals, and create projects inspired by their reading and wandering.