Richard Jacob

 Professor of Physics Emeritus, Cornell College

Mount Vernon, Iowa

   Address: Department of Physics                                               
                     Cornell College, Box 2224                                                                        
                     600 1st Street West                                                                         
                     Mt. Vernon, IA  52314

                       Phone:  (319) 895-4365
                       Fax:    (319) 895-5764

    B.S. Stanford University, 1955                    Phi Beta Kappa
    M.S. University of Wisconsin, 1956
    Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1959
NSF Fellowship, 1956-59
Summer research participant, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, 1956, 1957
Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin, 1960
NSF summer institute on the Philosophy of Science, Stanford University, 1967
  • Previous employment
  • Assistant Professor of Physics, Tufts University, 1960-65
    Associate Professor of Physics, Claremont Colleges, 1965-68
    Associate Professor of Physics, Cornell College 1968-82
    Professor of Physics, Cornell College, 1982-2001
    Professor of Physics Emeritus, Cornell College, 2001-present

  •  Personal History
  • Courses taught

    Revolutionary Concepts in Physics
    Quantum Mechanics
  • Interests


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