Theory Links

General Resources

Voice of the Shuttle Theory Links
Voice of the Shuttle is an excellent resource for Humanities Research.

Voice of the Shuttle Cultural Studies Links
Includes links on Marxist Theory, Postcolonial Theory, and other forms of Cultural Studies.

Timeline of Theoretical Movements
One professor's timeline of theoretical movements in American Universities.

Semiotics for Beginners
Site by Daniel Chandler includes a good introduction to Semiotics (the study of signs), a discussion of rhetorical tropes (such as metaphor and metonymy) and a glossary of terms.

is a fun web-based Project exploring the ideas of Swiss Linguist Ferdinand Saussure. Begin with "green."

Elements of Stucturalism
Developed for a class by Professor John Lye of Brock University, this site summarizes key points of structuralist (and some post-structuralist) thought.

Good, detailed summary of themes and methods of Deconstruction, also by John Lye, Brock U.