Greetings, England-goers! If you have questions after reading this, email instructors and students at Eng240@egroups.com, our course listserv. Much of this you've heard before but some items are new. *Thanks to Stephen Lacey and David Evans for passing much of information this along.

Item 1: Background Readings. We recommend that you read about England's culture, history, and people before you get there. Good guides include the Lonely Planet's Britain and Let's Go: Britain and Ireland. You should also read Online Resources. We'll distribute the list of required texts in early December, which will include travel guides, a brief history of England, and a Shakespeare play. (For update, see syllabus.)

Item 2: Passport Security. Your passport is absolutely necessary for international travel, and is no fun to replace en route. In the event that your passport is lost or stolen, a photocopy of your passport, kept in a different place from the original, will be of great help. A copy of your birth certificate and a few passport photos would also be a good idea. You will need a photo to buy your "Tube Pass" during your week in London.

Item 3: Things to Bring. British Airways allows 2 pieces of checked luggage and 1 carry-on. See British Airways Baggage Allowance statement for details. But remember: you'll need to lug around whatever you pack. Consolidate essentials and shoot for versatility. You'll want comfortable walking shoes, as you'll be walking everywhere. A warm coat or jacket for outdoors and sweaters for the cool indoor temperatures. (A raincoat with a zip in lining, or a water-resistant jacket to put over sweaters would be really practical. It rains in England.) Bring jeans, nice pants, and one formal outfit for Those Nights Out. Bring an umbrella and gloves. Europe uses different voltage so any electric appliances you feel you need will require adapters. Finally, because English cameras use a different sort of film than American cameras, bring your own camera and film and plan to develop pictures when you get back home. Pack these in your luggage as older x-ray machines can destroy unprocessed film. For a wealth of entertaining tips on packing light with essentials, see Dr. Jan Boney's "Travelling Light" at

Item 4: Climate. London averages about 35 to 40 degrees during January, but those temperatures are deceiving. It's a wet biting temperature which requires slightly more clothing than the temperature would seem to indicate. Water-resistant clothing is best, as you will get wet. Again, it is important to remember not to bring more than you can yourself carry through airports and onto busses. We're working on finding laundry facilities, but meanwhile it might help you to know that the English wear the same outfits over and over anyway.

Item 5: Cash, Meal Cards. It is best to bring your money in traveler's checks, and not to rely on money from home. Don't just bring tons of cash; that would be asking for trouble. Also, bankcards like Cirrus do work in England. Marriott refunds will be distributed at our December meeting to help you with spending money. You'd be wise, though, to keep some of it at Cornell: your meal card will be voided for the duration of block 5, so when you return you'll need to pay for your meals with cash until the start of block 6. Budget carefully!

Item 6: Health: If you have any special prescription needs, be sure to bring the pharmaceutical (not brand name) prescription with you, and ask your physician to type it in Latin. If you have eyeglasses or contacts, bring an extra pair or the prescription with you.

Item 7: Chicago: See the Student Information Sheet for important information about getting to and from Chicago. We will not hold class meetings upon returning to Cornell

Important Dates

Due Nov. 22 Noon: Final Payment to Cashier of $1820, plus optional shuttle and hotel fees. (If you have already made payments above the scheduled amounts or received scholarship money, check with the Cashier to determine the balance you owe.)

Due Nov. 22 Noon: Student Information Sheet, Photocopy of Passport, and Consent Form* to Cheryl Dake, Department of English. *Note: If you need information/signature from your parent(s) or guardian(s) we will extend this deadline to Monday, Nov. 27.

12 Dec. 4:00 pm Mandatory meeting for all participants; South Hall 100. We'll finalize plans, discuss the syllabus, and distribute Marriott refunds.

Updated 11/15/00