Katy Stavreva's Current and Recent Research 


"After Witch-Speak: The Injurious Speech of Early Quaker Women." Abstract of a paper presented at the annual meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, New York, NY, 2004.

"'There's Magic in Thy Majesty': Witch-Speak and Queenship in Shakespeare's Drama."  Abstract of an essay in High and Mighty Queens of Early Modern England: Realities and Representations, essay collection co-edited by Carole Levin, Jo Eldridge Carney, and Debra Barrett-Graves (New York: Palgrave, 2003).

"'Champions There Were None': Public Domesticity in The Merchant of Venice." Abstract of a paper presented at Shakespeare Association of America Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2002.

"Fighting Words: Witch-Speak in Late Elizabethan Docu-Fiction."  Abstract of an essay published in The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 30:2 (2000). Winner of the Outstanding Essay Award of 2000 of the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women.

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