<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Katelynn's CSC-131 Home Page</TITLE> <META content="text/html; charset=unicode" http-equiv=Content-Type> <STYLE type=text/css> h1 {text-align: center; text-color: rgb(255,251,240); background-color: rgb(0,127,255); border: thin dotted rgb(42,0,85)} p {text-align: left;} BODY { BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(255,255,170) } BODY { COLOR: rgb(0,0,128) } TD { COLOR: #fff } TH { COLOR: #fff } A:link { COLOR: #3c0 } .Courier { FONT-FAMILY: Courier New, Courier, monospace } Georgia { FONT-FAMILY: Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande, sans-serif } </STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY class=Courier> <H1>Computer Science 131 Class Projects</H1> <P> Much of our Computer Science class has been examining concepts like privacy, fair use, and copyright. Listed below are some of the assignments that I did that went along with creating a website.</P> <UL> <LI><A href="http://people.cornellcollege.edu/kraney16/intellectualproperty.html">My Intellectual Property Experiment</A> </LI></UL><LI><UL><A href="http://people.cornellcollege.edu/kraney16/dependableinformation.html">What constitutes dependable online information?</A> <p>I'll be uploading more information as time goes on because after figuring out how this works, Dreamweaver is <em>way</em> too much fun!</p> <P>Last update 09/25/12 by Katelynn Raney</P> <P><!--This comment is contained in my HTML, but can't be seen from the web browser --></P></BODY></HTML>