This is definitely my first time trying anything like this, so let me give you a little background. This webpage is part of a project for my Computer Science 131 class "Privacy, Piracy, and the Public Good" taught at Cornell College (my current school)

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I'm a college student now guys!

So, if you guys are interested in exploring the rest of the webpage, check out these links below and see all the work that we've done so far in class (or you can check a little further down for some cool links and such. I'll try not to act too politcally inclined!). If not, thanks for visiting anyways! Have a good day!

If any of you need me, you can reach me here. It's my official college e-mail which makes me official collegiately... and stuff... kraney16@cornellcollege.edu.

Here is the Personal Page Disclaimerthat I'm required to put up.

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