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I am a Professor of Mathematics at Cornell College . I did my undergraduate work at Grinnell College (AB, 1976) and graduate work at the University of Notre Dame (MS, 1978, and PH.D., 1980). My graduate work was in classical groups under the guidance of Alex Hahn.

At Cornell, Tony deLaubenfels and I set up the Apollo lab for the Computer Science Department using an National Science Foundation ILI grant. My responsibility was the management of this system. As a result, I became very interested in network computing. I set up the Cornell's first connection to the Internet, using a SLIP line to the University of Iowa. Now my computing interests are in distributed desktop computing, particularly tools for managing upcoming information glut. I am now working on hypertext based information distribution systems using WWW.

At Cornell, I teach a range of courses, from mathematics to computer science and elementary statistics. My first love is algebra, although the work with the computer has broadened my appreciation of the analysis side of the world. I would really like to work with some students in the area of dynamical systems, a shocking thing for an algebraist to say.

Talks Presented

At MathFest 2005, I was a member of the panel on "Applying for Your First Job" My thoughts on applying for a job can be found here.

I gave a convocation address on the Cornell Campus. The address was titled "Snake Oil or Diamond: Using the Internet in Education and Government." A preliminary version in HTML format is available.

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