This page consists of information on intellectual property.


Posted below is a link for some guidelines that refer to Intellectual Property and some examples of it:

Intellectual Property


I will also provide a link to the Cornell College website regarding academic honesty and their policies on it:

Honesty in Academic Work



Finally, below I will show an example of something that is intellectual property and an atempt to try to get access to the picture:

My name is Jonathan Carrillo and I am writing to ask permission to use an image of Derrick Rose that I saw on the ESPN Chicago website. I am doing this because in my computer science class (Privacy, Piracy, and Social Goods) we are studying intellectual property and must ask permission to use a copy righted image on our web page that we have to make. So please email me back with whether I may use the image or not. Thank you for your time.


Up to this date I have not recieved a response from them.