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I am Htut Khine Htay Win, a student from Myanmar or Burma, a country next to Thailand and India. I am a junior, studying computer science and mathematics at Cornell College. I am going to be a senior next year and graduating in 2016.

I love computer science not only because I love solving problems but also because I am passionate and motivated to explore new things and produce innovations. Currently, I am very proficient in Java, SQL, Python and Linux. I am familiar with C++, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, LateX and Ruby.

To describe my work experience, I have worked as Administrative Database Services Assistant during my freshman summer and my sophomore academic year. In the sophomore summer, I helped Professor. Ross Sowell a little bit with his research in applying privacy filters to the control video of Robots. Currently, I am working on determining the exact location of the Robot using ROS(Robot Operating System) and setting up the robot arm to be able to automatically identify objects and pick them up.

I am very interested and motivated to do research. Research not only enrichs my knowledge but also gives me autonomy over the project that I would like to work on. Especially, I would like to do research in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Robotics. Don't get me wrong of my dream. I am also interested in working in the industry one day if I can collaborate with awesome people and if I can find an interesting project.

Other than doing cool stuff with computer science, I normally spend my time swimming, reading news, playing guitar or hanging out with friends.(Please look forward to my awesome guitar videos in the near future on this website.) I love travelling and have been to New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Miami, and Philadelpia. I would definitely love to travel outside of United States, too.

This is pretty much about me. If you would like to know more about me, have some questions about some of the projects that I work on, want to offer me jobs or internships, or simply chit-chat with me, please shoot me an email to htutkhwin@gmail.com or call (641)781-0465.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy exploring the work that I have done or learn more about me.

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