Selected Résumé (full resume may be obtained upon request)

Hugh A. Lifson

219 6th Avenue N.
Mt Vernon, IA 52314

Exhibitions (an asterisk indicates a one person show)


Critical Comments:

--"Lifson's thought provoking paintings, collages and drawings can be appreciated on many levels . . . Lifson layers transparent and opaque images and physically attaches paintings in unexpected ways, coaxing us to ponder balance--and the lack of it in our lives, in nature and art" Judith Winter, Cedar Rapids Gazette, May 2, 2004

--"Lifson canvases . . . present misty air saturating the space." Art News, December, January, '68, '69 "Lifson has discovered unexpected aesthetic qualities in polyolifinics which, without him, might have languished in the money making whirls of big business . . . [he] find [s] effectiveness in the use of unfamiliar shapes, whose novelty stirs the mind" Arts, December '68

--". . . should elicit interest and enthusiasm from experienced views." Dorothy Aadlow, Christian Science Monitor, October, '58

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