Agincourt 8" x 8"
Empress Irene 8" x 8"
Trojan Horse 8" x 8"
The Dybbuk and Shul Ansky
8" x 8"
The Dybbuk and Shul Ansky
8" x 8"
Elegy with Frogs 8" x 8"
Agincourt: The Dauphin and his officers compare the finery of their armor before the battle of Agincourt.  That's what the battle is really about: who is more beautiful. The esthetic issues are the important ones.

Irene:  the Empress Irene restores the ikon to its rightful place.  She becomes a heroine in the fight for the esthetic.

Trojan Horse;  According to Moniq Wittig, Art is a Trojan Horse.  It's a beguiling gift, which enters one's psyche and then takes over--careful!

The Dybbuk and Ansky stand guard for transcendent love against the oppressive forces of convention.

Frog Elegy to my mother who sang me songs about the courtship of froggies.