Here, and on the next links, are some examples of my artwork. Most of the work is done in series.  These are pieces culled from the various series.

Specter: Respighi 8" x 8"
Specter: Queen Anne 8" x 8"
Ulla 8" x 8"
Ulla 8" x 8"
Werther Specularizes 8" x 8"
Teach me not to Specularize 8" x 8"

Specter: I believe that the bastions of civilization for example the music of Respighi, and Queen Ann Architecture are being undermined by the specter of sexual assault.

Ulla: I learned that the Nazis came, herded everyone in Ulla, the little shtetl of my forebears, into the Shul and proceeded to burn it down.

Specularize: Like Werther,  I need to be taught constantly-- not to specularlize.