The Funky Science homepage

Welcome to the Funky Science homepage. Here you'll find resources on how to build and conduct your own funky science experiments, as well as links to some of the videos I've created and links to similar sites. The keys to understanding this site are: The point of this site is to help you develop the materials and resources needed for you to start doing science. Although you can ask me questions, the key to doing science is for you to try it yourself and figure out how to do it. It might take longer for you to find your own answers rather than having me give you an answer, but you're more likely to get better answers and ask better questions if you try to solve problems by yourself. Of course, science is a participatory activity, so get some friends involved as it's easier for a group of people to solve problems than any individual acting alone.

Experiments and videos

Other science sites

I like these sites because they highlight the creative aspects of science and also encourage you to actively participate in exploring science, rather than letting you passively sit watching other people do science.