How to create web pages from templates

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This is a sample HTML template to be used for generating a web page report. This document also contains instructions for converting it into a Web page (html file).

  1. First, make a copy of the HTML template file and copy it to your own directory. You can do this by going to the “File” tab in your browser and selecting “Save as...” and then saving the file as “Template.html” in either your own home directory or your desktop.

  2. Open the file using OpenOffice (or your favorite HTML editor) and edit the document.

  3. Select File then Save As…

  4. When the Save box opens, enter the name of the web page document assigned to you by your instructor. This will be something like your Cornell e-mail account name, together with your class name. For example, if Lucy Van Pelt, class of 2010, is writing a web page for her PHY-125 (Science through Film and Fiction) course during block 5, her web page might be LVanPelt10-PHY-5-125.html.

  5. Don’t click on the Save button just yet: you may still need to tweak a few things. First, click on the Change Title button and make sure that the title agrees with the format of the web browser title assigned to you by your instructor. This might not be the title that appears as the title of your paper. For example, your title might be, “The prospect of Life on Mars,” but the web browser title might be “Lucy Van Pelt’s PHY-125 project.” Make sure that the web browser title is the proper one to use for this course.

  6. Click on Save as Type… and make sure to select HTML Document. Make sure you give your HTML document the appropriate name. Try not to use blank characters (spaces) or punctuation in your file name as these can cause problems. If you want to separate words in your file name, use hyphens. Thus, rather than use the name “Test File.html” you should use a name like “Test-File.html” as many browsers will have problems with the former name.

  7. Click the Save button. Now, open your browser and open the file you just created. Did it work?

Congratulations! You have just created a web page! Please note that you may also have created a folder that goes with your web page. This folder may contain data (such as images and video clips) required by your web page. Your instructor will need both your web page and the folder, so don’t forget to turn both of them in when you’re ready.

You can also include web links in your project. Here is a link to an image of the Planet Mars from the NASA web site

and here is the image from the above link displayed directly in this web page, together with an image caption.

Illustration 1: This is the planet Mars

You can learn more about creating web pages by reading this web page:

If you need to add references to your report, then this page will help you cite references using the proper style.


Now you’re all set to create your own web page that you can share with the rest of the world.