PHY125 - Science through Film and Fiction

Creating virtual worlds with fractals and raytracing

These images are purely synthetic - they are the results of pure computation without any use of digitized images.
These images can be created using the shareware Terragen program, available at

These images were created by the students in the class, and are reproduced here with their permission.

Sam Bonow's landscape

Tyler Calvert-Thompson's landscapes

Genae Ewing's landscape

Christine Exe's landscape

Jonah Greenstein's landscape

Felicia Gudenkauf's landscapes

Devin Harmon's landscapes

Christal Harris's landscapes

Mike Kimball's landscape

Kellen Kirchberg's landscape

Taylor Koch's landscape

Brian Kovac's landscape

Jeff North's landscape

Courtland Olson's landscape

James Ostrander's landscapes

Drew Rahimi's landscape

David Ray's landscape

Levi Teitsworth's landscape

Doug Wagner's landscape