San Salvador, Bahamas

                           Grotto Beach                        Government Dock
                        Lighthouse Cave                           GRC

                                   Lighthoue Cave               Watling's Blue Hole
                         The Notch

                      Island Transportation                

                             lighthouse                            Snap Shot Reef

                                 GRC                                Green Cay

                       French Bay                          Grotto Beach 

                           Green Cay                        Columbus Monument 

                  Banana Hole Watling's Castle                    ?

                    Diving                                 Fortune Hill Plantation

                               Grotto                             Nurse Shark

                          Diving the Wall                     Diving the Wall

                        Cockburn Town                          The Lab

                        Dining Hall                              The Lab  
                     On the way to Green Cay     Cockburn Town Fossil Quarry 
                          Watling's Castle                   Bamboo Point 

                           The Wall                             Look-out Point

                                                  Cato Cay