Carol Lacy-Salazar


A.B. in Religion, Duke University, August 1965
M.A. in Spanish, University of Arizona, May 1968
Ph.D. in Spanish, University of Arizona, August 1984
Major: Latin American Literature
Minor: Spanish Peninsular Literature
Supporting Area: French Literature
Dissertation: "La cosmovisión primitiva del narrador mágicorrealista"

Professional Experience:

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona, 1966-68
English as a Second Language Teacher, Instituto Americano, Cochabamba, Bolivia, February 1969 - November 1975
Librarian, Instituto Americano, February 1970 - July 1976
Spanish literature teacher, Instituto Americano, 1972
Bi-lingual secretary, Terrazas, Piña and Moore, Tucson, Arizona, 1976-77
Graduate Teaching Associate, University of Arizona, 1977-84
Assistant Professor, Cornell College, 1984-1991
Associate Professor, Cornell College, 1991-present
Professor, Cornell College, 1998-present

Courses taught at Cornell College:

Beginning and Intermediate Spanish
Composition and Conversation
Intermediate Spanish & Advanced Conversation in Mexico
Introduction to Textual Analysis
Spanish Golden Age: Romancero and Comedia
Spanish Golden Age: Don Quixote
Latin American Short Story and Novel
Latin American Short Story and Novel (Adapted for presentation in Bolivia), January 1999
*Spanish Peninsular Culture and Civilization (March, 1989)
*Latin American Culture and Civilization (January, 1990)
*Latin American History (November 1996 & February 1997)
Advanced Spanish Grammar
Senior Seminars:
--Literary Movements
--Latin American Women Writers
--Latin American Novel of Social Protest
--Gabriel García Márquez in Film and Fiction
Workshop in Spanish Theatre
Adjunct course in Conversation
*Chautauqua: "Bare Essentials of Spoken Spanish I (May 1991)
"Bare Essentials of Spoken Spanish II (May 1992)
"Don Quijote de la Mancha" (May 1999)
Coordinator for Internships in Mexico and Bolivia

(*not part of my regular teaching assignment)

Professional Activities:

Production of the annual Spanish Play, 1984-1999 (Responsibilities include revision and/or abridgement of script for longer productions, supervision of set design and blocking, costume design and construction, meeting with students for reading and interpreting the script, casting, and rehearsing 4-12 hours weekly for four blocks, and ocasionally working sound and/or lights, videotaping the production, and even assuming a role at the last minute.)

--Historias para ser contadas (Osvaldo Dragún), 1984-85
--Yo también hablo de la rosa (Emilio Carballido), 1985-86
--La dama boba (Lope de Vega), 1986-87
--La dama del alba (Alejandro Casona), 1987-88
--El burlador de Sevilla (Tirso de Molina), 1988-89
--Las manos de Dios (Carlos Solorzano), 1989-90
--La vida es sueño (Calderón de la Barca), 1990-91
----Los árboles mueren de pie (Alejandro Casona), 1991-92
--*Don Gil de las calzas verdes (Tirso de Molina), 1992-93
--*Yo también hablo de la rosa (Emilio Carballido), 1993-94
--Historias para ser contadas (Osvaldo Dragún), 1994-95
--"Retazos de ayer y de hoy": El juez de los divorcios (Cervantes)/ Marta y el dragón (Hernández) / Decir sí
(Gambaro), 1995-96
--"De las aceitunas" (Lope de Rueda), 1996-97 and student-written variations on the same theme
--"El censo" (Emilio Carballido) & "Brujerias" (Rodrigo Duarte-Clark), 1997-98
--"El juez de los divorcios" (Miguel de Cervantes) and student-written variations on the same theme, 1998-1999

(*Involved an original bi-lingual adaptation of the original text)

Interpreter for visiting speaker, America Sosa, sponsored by the Spanish Club, Cornell College, February 1986
Interpreter for convocation speaker, America Sosa, "Clear Vision, Clear Voices", Cornell College, September 22, 1988
Development of guidelines for use of placement exam I brought with me from UA in the Cornell context, Summer 1985
Creation of new placement exam in Spanish and development of guidelines for its application to Cornell students, Spring 1996
Consultant for and co-author of an introductory Quechua text, Maryknoll Institute, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Spring 1998


ACM Conference: "The Arts and the Liberal Arts", Ripon College, November 1987
--Respondant to the keynote speaker, Dr. Leon Botstein
Presenter, Cornell Faculty Forum: "The Arts and the Liberal Arts,", 1989
Alumni Week Seminar: "Foreign Language Learning on the Block Plan," June 1988
Panelist, "A Conversation with José Donoso," Cornell College, October 1991
Two lectures for the course "Columbus and the Creation of Latin American Otherness," Cornell College, October 1992
"The Mind of the Conquistador"
"Latin American Women Writers"
"Talking About Teaching: Teaching Foreign Languages at Cornell," Cornell College, 1994
Slide-lecture at Foundation II Youth Shelter on the occasion of their "Fiesta" in celebration of May 5,
"Mexico and the Mexican Culture," May 1994
Guest lecture for Rich Levy's English 111 class, January 1995, "Magical Realism in Latin America: An Overview"
Slide-lecture, Multicultural Center, Cornell College, January 1996, Faculty Seminar: "Myths of the Conquest"
Commencement Address: "A Subjunctive Mood," May 1997
HAIG Lectures: "Reflections on Language Learning and OCAAT," September 1998
"Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Film as an Aid to Interpreting Fiction, part 1," October 1999
"Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Film as an Aid to Interpreting Fiction, part 2," December 1999
Teaching and Technology Roundtable: Presentation of my project incorporating video clips from interviews and plays into the on-line Spanish tutorial, September 2000.
"Teaching Language on the Block Plan," Parents' Seminar, October 2001

Book Reviews:

The Latin American Anthropology Review, Volume 3, Numbers 3 & 4, Spring 1991
Women's Fiction from Latin America. Selections from Twelve Contemporary
Authors, Evelyn Picon Garfield (editor & translator), Wayne State
University Press, 1988.
The Latin American Anthropology Review, Volume 5, Numbers 1 & 2, Winter 1993
Landscapes of a New Land: Fiction by Latin American Women, Marjorie Agosin (editor), White Pine Press,
Short Stories by Latin American Women: The Magic and the Real, Celia Correas de Zapata (editor), Arte
Publico Press, 1990

Conferences Attended:

Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, December 1985
Iowa Foreign Language Conference, Ames, October 1986
North Central Conference of Latin Americanists, Northfield, MN, October 1987
Iowa Foreign Language Conference, Iowa City, October 1988.
Iowa Foreign Language Conference, Ames, October 1989.
Planning committee for ACM conference on "The Arts and the Liberal Arts", Summer 1987
Midwest Modern Language Conference, Milwaukee, September 1998
"Teaching Latin America in a Liberal Arts College," Wabash College, November 1999 (presenter)
Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, December 2000

Committee Service:

Lecture/Artist/Cultural Events Consortium, 1985-86, 1987-1995
--Coordinator of Convocations, 1988-89
--Coordinator of Cultural Events and Chair, 1989-95
Committee on Committees, 1986-87
Latin American Studies Committee, 1984-present
--Chair, 1994-97
Strategic Planning Committee, 1988-91, 1994-97
Library Advisory Committee, 1988-90
Learning Skills Center Advisory Committee, 1993-94
CWIG, 1994-95
Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committee, 1995-96, 1998-2001
Committee on Administration, 1995-96, 1998-2001
Internship and Service Learning Advisory Committee, 1996-97

Search Committees to fill tenure-track positions:
-English (Scott Klein, Catherine Burroughs)
-Theatre (Rick Jones, Karen Greenler, Paul Sannerud)
-Economics and Business (A'amer Farooqi)
-Philosophy (Jim White, Amy Ihlan, and joint appointment: Amy Ihlan/Geoffrey Gorham)
-Russian (Lynne Ikach)
-French (Rachel Bullington, Jan Boney)
-Spanish (Renato Martínez, Marcela Ochoa)
-Classics (John Gruber-Miller)
-Art (Christina McOmber)
-Physics (Kara Beauchamp)

Search Committees to fill part-time or temporary positions:
-History, 1985
-Politics, 1986
-Anthropology, 1987 (Jeffrey Ehrenreich)
-English, 1990 (David Evans)
-Physical Education, 1996 (Ed Timm)
-Latin American Studies, annually
-Language Department: Spanish (annually), French, Latin, Russian, Japanese

Other Service:

Chair, Department of Classical & Modern Languages, 1992-95
Acting Chair, Department of Classical & Modern Languages, April-May, 1997
Associated Colleges of the Midwest liaison officer, 1995-present
Study Abroad Information Coordinator, 1996-present
Program advisor for ACM "Studies in Latin American Culture & Society" in Costa Rica (Advise students and
coordinate program director's visit to campus), 1987 - present.
Member of Executive Council of ACM Cost Rica Program which screened applicants for 1989-90 program
Regular participant (panelist) in "Experience Cornell Day" and "Scholarship Recognition Day"
Regular participant in "Volunteer Day" activities
--Camp Tanager
--Brucemore Historical Home
--Cedar Rapids Humane Society
--Aging Services
--Abbey Creek School
New Student Orientation discussion/seminar leader, 1993-present
Coordinator for Cornell's annual hosting of The National Theatre of the Performing Arts, 1987-1996
Contributor: "Chocoholic Frolic" and "Jazz and Chocolate" (Annual fund-raiser for Linn County Community Center)

Student Related Activities:

Religious Life Council, 1985-86
Mortar Board Advisor, 1985-87, 2000-present
Spanish Club Advisor ( and/or co-advisor), 1984-present
--Host for annual Spanish Play cast party and end-of-the-year party
--Coordinator of monthly "Ethnic Dinner and Conversation"
Pauley Academic Program Associate, 1985-86
Delta Phi (social group) advisor, 1992-present
GENTE Advisor, 1993-1996
Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honor Society) Advisor, 1993 - present
Rood House Multicultural Awareness Activities: I taught students to make salteñas (February 1994) and sopaipillas
(April 1994)
Multicultural Council, ? - 1996
Mortar Board Car Wash, October 1996
Student Thesis Committee:
--Jillea Monroe, "Pedro Páramo and the Hacienda System" (Advisor), May 19
Honors Committee:
--James Newland, "On the Fundamental Disagreement of the Disputation at Valladolid in 1550 and 1551," May 1993
--Andrea Bakker, "Personal Characteristics, Psychosocial Adjustments, and the Development of Transsexualism in a
Transsexual," March 1997
--Katie Sutton, "Un análisis preliminar de la política exterior de los Estados Unidos en Bolivia," May 1999
--Jennifer Hanson, "Tiempo y trascendencia en la poesía de La voz a ti debida y El contemplado por Pedro Salinas,"
April 2000
--Aja Smith, "Liberation Theology in Costa Rica," ( Advisor), April 2001
--Aja Smith, "Coffee Nation" (Latin American Studies Thesis - Advisor), May 2, 2001
Advisor for Student Symposium Presentation:
--Aja Smith, "Church and Politics in Costa Rica," May 17, 2001

Grants & Workshops:

Computers for the Humanities Workshop, Coe College, June 1985
Faculty Development Grant from Cornell College to work on two computer-related projects: Development of a self-help
program for students in Spanish (using Dasher) & a computerized reclassification of the Cornell library's holdings in
Spanish to make them more accessible to students and faculty alike, Summer 1987.
Faculty Development Grant from Cornell College to visit Spain prior to teaching the course in Spanish Peninsular Culture and
Civilization, in order to prepare audio visuals and acquaint myself with the changes which had taken place in Spain
since my previous visit more than 20 years before, Summer 1988
Computer Workshop, Cornell College, Summer 1995
Computer Workshop, Cornell College, Summer 1996
Web Basic Design, Teaching and Learning Technology, Cornell College, Summer 1998
Humanities Multimedia Classroom Workshop, Cornell College, August 1998
CourseBuilder" Computer Workshop, Cornell College, May 2000
"MaxAuthor" Computer Workshop, Cornell College, August 2000
Faculty Development Grant to study Quechua in Bolivia during sabbatical, 1998
Mellon Grant for developing an on-line tutorial for Spanish, 1999-2000
CLEAR 2001: "Putting Your Course on Line," Michigan State University, June 2001

Language proficiency:

English - native speaker
Spanish - native speaker fluency
French - advanced intermediate
Portuguese - advanced intermediate
Russian - intermediate
Quechua - intermediate

Other Activities:

Paha (English) Longsword Dance Group, 1991-1999
English Country Dancing
Mount Vernon Community Choir
Flamenco Guitar

L.A.C.E. (Lecture, Artists, and Cultural Events) Presentations that I arranged and/or coordinated:

--Dr. Ruth Bleier, October 1986
--Dr. Willard C. Lacy, "Gold: Past, Present & Future," May 1987.

--La Compañía Folklórica Latina, November 1987.


--Natasha Ivanina, Russian pianist, recital, September 9
--Victor Janey, "AIDS and Civil Liberties," September 15
--"Clear Vision, Clear Voices": Experiences and insights of Latin American Women, September 22
--Eleanor Tufts, "Women Artists from the Renaissance to the Present," October 6
--Marion Anders Paton, lecture-recital: "Women Composers, 1700 to the Present," October 13
--Marwan Bishara (National Council on US-Arab Relations), "The Arab-Israeli Conflict," November 3
--David Weddle, slides of Egypt and Jordan, November 10
--Temaris Rivera, "Contemporary U.S. Policy & Human Rights Issues in the Philippines," December 8
--Orlando Patterson, Phi Beta Kappa lecturer, "Slavery and Civilization," January 12
--Mehrdad Kia, "Iran After Khomeini," January 19
--Dennis Damon Moore, "Hemmingway, Disney and Ford: The Myth of Male Control in American Culture," February 16
--Abelardo Sanchez León (Fullbright Scholar-in-residence), March 9
--"The Yellow Wallpaper," Michele La Rue (East Lynne Company), March 10
--Yvonne Dilling (Witness for Peace), "The Church in Central America," April 6
--University of Illinois Russian Folk Orchestra, April 13


--Jim Martin and Scott Klein: Brahms' "Sonata in F Minor for Two Pianos," September 7
--Sandi Kinghorn, Institute for Central American Development, "Multinationals in Central America," 11:00 a.m., September 14
-----"'Solidarismo': An Alternative to Labor Unions in Central America," 4:00 p.m.
--Yvonne Dilling (Witness for Peace), "The Human Face of the Conflict in Central America, September 21
--Sarah Meredith, lecture-recital, "Women Composers," September 22
--Ron Roberts, "The Life and Times of John L. Lewis," October 5
--Louise Westfall, "Cuba Today," October 10
--Dr. R. Stephen Berry (Phi Beta Kappa lecturer), "Allocating Resources for a Technological Future," October 12
--Frederick Buechner, "Religion and the Arts," October 19
--Riverside Theatre: "When the Wind Blows," October 30
--John Klaus & Cornell Chamber Singers, "America's Musical Revolution: William Billings," November 2
--Jane Tibbets Schulenburg, "Women in the Middle Ages: What Cost Virginity?" November 9
--Musica Antiqua, November 10
--David Osterberg, "Our Chemically-Dependant Economy and Its Consequences," November 30
--Gary Nabhan, "Biological Diversity: Key to Survival," December 7
--Jim Martin, lecture-recital: "Beethoven and the French Revolution," January 11
--Roger Daniels, "From Relocation to Redress: the Japanese American Experience, 1941-1988," January 18
--Mimi Holmes, "Sealed with a Kiss: My Affair with the Mail," January 25
--Pat Rosezelle, "The Building of America: Afro-American History in the New World," February 8
--Dr. Jean Kilbourne, "The Naked Truth: Advertising's Image of Women," February 15
-----"Under the Influence: The Pushing of Alcohol via Advertising," 7:30 p.m.
--John Gruber, "'Revolution' in the Roman World," April 5
--Doug Hanson, slide-lecture: "Pottery and Peace: A Change in Artwork," April 12
--Dan Bern (singer/songwriter), April 13
--Harry James Congis, "Days of Remembrance (Holocaust)", May 3
--Oley Temofeyev and Philip Blackburn, lecture-recital (Early music for the lute): "A Musical Summit", May 10


--Scott Klein, recital: "The National Piano. Twentieth Century Works Based on Folk and National Musics," September 6
--Mimi Holmes, "Visions of Another World: Southern Folk Art," September 13
--Paolo Nello, "Mussolini," September 20
--James Martin, "Rock Music and Racism," October 4
--Raymond White, "Incaic Astronomy at Machu Picchu and Environs," October 11
--Dennis Keeney, "The Need for Sustainability in Iowa Agriculture," November 8
--Ken Dunn, "Recycling," November 29
--Mehrdad Kia, "The Impossible Peace (Arab-Israeli)," December 6
--Rusty Falconer-Stout, "Growing Up Handicapped," January 10
--Janet Mills, "Communication Bewtween the Sexes," January 17 / "Non-Verbal Communication," 8:00 p.m.
--Darlene Clark Hine, "Black Women and White: Intersection of Race and Class in the Health Profession," January 24
--Marcus Polhmann, "Black Politics in Conservative America," February 7
--Sam Slick, "Latin American Political Poster Art," March 7
--Alicia Quintano (Performance Artist), "'Escape from Fosdick' or 'How an Anorexic Cradle Robber Met the Goddess," March 14
--Phil Heywood, guitar recital, March 21
--Lyman Shepherd, "Frank Lloyd Wright Speaks Again: An Impression"
-----"The Decorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright," 4:00 p.m.
--Andrew Fowler, "Franz Liszt and Vallee d'Obermann: Reflected Life," April 11
--Susan Gainor, "Susan Glaspell--Iowa Playwright," April l18
--John Klaus, "J. S. Bach," May 2
--Anne Firor Scott, "Ladies of the Club: Unlikely Revolutionaries," May 9.


--Dick Peters, "Educational Reform," September 12
--Omaha Magic Theatre, "Body Leaks," September 13
--Donna Elliott Swaim, "Ancient Roots of Contemporary Images: Sexuality & Spirituality," October 3
--John Robilette, "Experiences as a Musical Ambassador," October 10
--Piano concert, October 11
--P.N. Bhagovadi, "Human Rights and the Courts in India, October 15
--Musical performance: "Street Sounds," October 31
--Roger Hilsman, "U.S. Foreign Policy," November 7
--Thomas Becker, "The Hispanic Guitar: Concert of Spanish and Latin American Guitar Music," December 5
--Leon Tabak, "Legal Regulation vs Creativity in the American Software Industry," January 9
--Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre: Folk Tales (+ Workshop), January 11
--Anne Riley, "Grassroots Put Federal Water Practices to Shame," January 16
--Catherine Burroughs, "The Evolving Professoriate: Juggling the Demands Made on Faculty," January 23
--Andrew Fowler, Carol Enns, David Weddle, Hank Lifson: "Archetypes and the Arts," February 6
--Bob Drury: "Blue Ghost 2-0" (one-man theatrical presentation about the Vietnam War), February 7
--Shanta, African songs and stories, February 13
--Wayne Koestenbaum, "The Queen's Throat: Opera and Homosexuality," March 12
--Poetry Reading, 8:00
--Mimi Holmes, "Quilts: The Great American Cover-Up," April 2
--Bill Carroll, "Religion and Science," April 9
--Anya Peterson Royce (Phi Beta Kappa lecturer), "The Isthmus Zapotec: Indians in a Mexican World," April 27
--Marvin Harris, April 30
--Mary Catherine Bateson, "Composing a Life," May 7
--Zorongo Flamenco (+ Workshop in flamenco dance) 1992-93:

--Mimi Holmes, "From Kitsch to High Art: The Crafty Work of Mimi Holmes," September 10
--Imagen Andina (Andean Folk Music), September 19
--Louana M. Lackey, "Ceramics: Clues to the Precolumian Past," October 1
--Janice Dewey, "When Women Ruled the Earth: Amazons, Conquistadores & Columbus," October 8
--"Song of the Soul: Mystics & Music in Spain 1150-1550," October 11
--Dick McCoy, "Conducting Foreign Policy in a Crisis," October 14
--"The Impact of Legal & Illegal Immigration on U.S. Domestic & Foreign Policy," October 15
--Harvey Siegelman, "Economic Trends: Iowa and the Nation," October 29
--(National Theatre for the Performing Arts: Ballet Folklórico de México), November 3
--Thoru Yamada, "Brain Function in Sleep and Dreams," November 5
--Riverside Theatre: "Shirley Valentine," November 5-6
--Hank Lifson, "Nudity in Art," December 3
--Douglas A. Feldman, "AIDS in Africa and Its Implications for the United States," January 7
--James Martin, "Rock Music and Sexism," January 14
--Thomas Jarom, "The Japanese Managerial Style," January 21
--March piano duo, January 16
--Prexy Nesbitt, "The Rise of Global Racism," February 4
--Gordon Urquhart, "The Visible Hand: Economic Policy and Forest Conservation in Costa Rica," February 11
--Fern Kupfer, "Before and After Zachariah: Issues in the Care and Education of Handicapped Children," March 4
--David Evans, "Why Read Jane Austin?" March 11
--International Trio, (concert) March 13
--Schyleen Qualms, "The Last Word" (Dramatization of African-American poetry and prose), April 1
--Scott Klein, piano recital, April 8
--Picaresque II, "The Living Roots of Music" (Music of the Middle Ages), April 25
--Jim Brown, "American Drug Abuse Policy: Where Have We Gone Wrong?" April 29


--Louana M. Lackey, "Why Make Pots in the Last Quarter of the 20th Century: A Look at Contemporary Ceramics," September 9
--Kershuan Scott (former member of Eight Tray Crips), "To Live and Die in L.A.," September 16
--Anne Firor Scott, October 7
--Igor Kipnis, slide-lecture: "The Golden Age of the Harpsichord in England," September 30
--Harpsichord Concert, October 1
--Riverside Theatre: "Chief," October 14
--Duane Hutchinson (storyteller): "Ghost Stories," October 27
--Mehrdad Kia, "Communism, Islam and the Future of Central Asia," October 28
--FUNDUS Puppet Troupe (Lecture/Antique puppet performance): "Variety on Strings," November 4
--Mizuho Terasawa, "Japanese Culture and Its Ambivalent Stance Toward Western Culture," November 11
--Howard Doughty (slide-lecture): "Earth from Space: The Damage We Humans Inflict," December 2
--John Klaus, "Bach to the Canon?" January 6
--Catherine Burroughs, "Johanna Baille and Women in English Romantic Theatre," January 13
--Mimi Holmes, "WAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA'AM: The Women's Art Movement in the United States," February 3
--Connie Evans, "Women Helping Women: The History of the Women's Self-Employment Project," February 10
--Charles Vernoff, "Feuding of the Gods: The Mythic Roots of Western Civilization in Ancient Israel and Greece," February 17
--Jim Thorne (actor): "Fictional Episodes in the Life of a German Corporal," February 4
--Imran Farooqi, "A Non-Western View of the West," March 3
--Gayle Luck, "Education in Japan," March 10
--Tanya Zieman, "Ethnic Strife and Conflict in the Commonwealth of Independent States," March 31
--William Carroll, "Are Machines Alive? Mechanism and Modern Culture," April 7
--The Dance Brigade: "Cinderella," April 15
--Mary Olson, "Treaty Rights," April 28
--John Mearsheimer (Phi Beta Kappa lecturer), May 5
--Clairseach Productions (in performance with Cornell Dancers): "Legendary Gaelic Music and Dance," May 7