Cell Biology
Chemical Ecology
Biol. Problems

Biochemistry occupies a funky zone between biology, which everyone thinks they understand, and chemistry, which everyone loves to hate. While the name itself suggests that biochemistry is more specialized than either biology or chemistry alone, we can more formally define it as being a science that uses molecular theories/concepts to analyze the molecular behavior of biological systems or macromolecules. It is a chemical explanation of life’s process, and this is the perspective from which I teach this course.

There are two broad themes that we deal with in this course; 1) pathway regulation and integration, and 2) energy flux. These themes allow us to focus on the mechanistic details of how cells and tissues metabolize nutrients in the context of their physiological state. For any of the systems studied in this class, you should become more fluent in dealing with both the molecular details and the physiological implications for the organelle or organism. More specifically, when you have finished this course, you should be able to… 

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