Statistics Textbook Reviews

This page contains a partial list of recent reviews of textbooks used in two typical undergraduate courses: Introductory Statistics and Mathematical Statistics. If there are other reviews that ought to be included in our lists, please send the relevant information to
Ann Cannon.
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics; Moore and McCabe

The Basic Practice of Statistics; Moore

Statistics; Freedman, Pisani, Purves and Adhikari

Understandable Statistics; Brase and Brase

Statistics: A First Course; Freund and Simon

Statistics: Principles and Methods; Johnson and Bhattacharyya

Introductory Statistics; Wonnacott and Wonnacott

The New Statistical Analysis of Data; Anderson

Introductory Statistics; Ross

A Data-Based Approach to Statistics; Iman

Statistics: Learning in the Presence of Variation; Wardrop

Statistical Methods; Freund and Wilson

Statistics and Data Analysis: An Introduction; Siegel and Morgan

An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis; Ott

Statistics: The Conceptual Approach; Iversen and Gergen

Introductory Statistics; Mann

Statistics: Concepts and Controversies; Moore

Data Analysis: An Introduction; Witmer

An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and its Application; Larsen and Marx

Mathematical Statistics with Applications; Mendenhall, Wackerly and Sheaffer

Statistics: Theory and Methods; Berry and Lindgren

Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis; Rice

Introduction to Probability and Statistics; Giri

Activity-Based Statistics; Scheaffer, Gnanadesikan, Watkins, and Witmer

Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data; Rossman

Elementary Statistics Laboratory Manual; Spurrier, Edwards, and Thombs

An Introduction to Regression Graphics; Cook and Weisberg

A Casebook for a First Course in Statistics and Data Analysis; Chatterjee, Handcock, and Simonoff

Visualizing Data; Cleveland

A Handbook of Small Data Sets; Hand, Daly, Lunn, McConway, and Ostrowski

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