Statistics Courses I teach:

INT 201 Statistical  Methods.

This is our very basic introductory level statistics.  It is designed for students from disciplines across the college who will be using statistics in their other coursework and after they leave the college.  Topics covered include: descriptive statistics; a small amount of probability; confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for one and two sample means and one and two sample proportions; an introduction to simple linear regression; and possibly the chi-square test for independence in contingency tables. The prerequisite is two years of high school algebra.

MAT 347-348 Mathematical Statistics I and II.

This sequence of courses is designed for mathematics majors and those students who might like to become a statistician.  The first block is spent studying the probability necessary to do statistics, as well as the discussions of data collection.  The second block is spent working on statistics, including a block long data collection and analysis project.

Mathematics Courses I teach:

MAT 112 Functions.

MAT 141 Calculus I.

MAT 142 Calculus II.


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