Harvard Summer School

Chemistry S20ab

Letters of Recommendation

Students who take Chemistry S-20 often wonder whether I am willing to write letters in support of their applications for further study, for fellowships, or for admission to various programs. I am quite willing to do this.

The procedure is to tell me what it is that you plan to apply for, and to provide me with the necessary forms, if appropriate, and to give me an addressed and stamped envelope for each letter that you want me to write.

You should also include a self-addressed envelope or post card if you would like me to send you a note saying that I have indeed sent in your recommendation.

Please mention the name of your Discussion Section Leader and the name of your Laboratory Section Leader.

If you wish, you can include information about yourself that I might find helpful. This might be a copy of a resume, or a statement of future plans. Do not prepare something just for me; just make me a copy of something that you have already prepared.

My address in Iowa is
Cornell College, 600 First Street West, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314

To get in touch,