Johanna Schuster-Craig

I currently direct the German Studies program at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. Our program offers a German Studies major and minor. We offer courses in the study of German as a foreign language, the history, culture and literature of German-speaking countries in both German and English, and introductory and advanced cultural studies seminars in English. To visit our program page, please click here.

I am currently at work on a book entitled The Demands of Integration: How One Word Shapes a Nation, which explores how the apparatus of integration politics influences cultural production. This project will chart how Integrationspolitik (federal policies about the incorporation of immigrants) developed not only as a field of public policy, but also as a wide-reaching apparatus that affects multiple cultural spaces. Paying special attention to language, I explore how integrationist discourse masquerades as inclusive at the same time as it actively works to exclude certain groups from civic and cultural participation. This tension is causing German approaches to ideas of race, citizenship and ethnic belonging to shift.