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This page contains links you will find useful in your research for the Women's Studies seminar.  They are grouped according to the topics we will be discussing.  Students and site visiters are encouraged to help update this page by sending useful site addresses and your comments to Diane Crowder (

Begin your search by going to the Women's Studies Megasites listed on the Cornell College Women's Studies page:  <>
There you will find links to sites that cover nearly every possible topic.

The University of Maryland's Inform site also maintains a "List of Lists" to help you find discussion lists on a wide range of topics <>.  I encourage you to subscribe to a discussion list if one exists on your specific topic of research, and also to subscribe to more general lists in your major.  This is an excellent way to find out what feminist scholars are saying about your field.

General Resources

Voice of the Shuttle Humanities DatabaseHas subsections on Women's Studies,    Gender, and Queer Theory.  <>

U. of Wisconsin Women's Studies LibrarianSpecialized subsections on many topics. See subsection /philos.htm for a megasite on feminist theory.  <>

Feminist Theory Website Extensive introductions to various types of feminism, bibliographies, links to other sites. <>

African-American Feminist Resources

Womanist Theory and ResearchThis is the site of a print journal but has links. <>

University of Pennsylvania African Studies and African-American Studies: Megasites for African and African-American Studies. <> <>

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture:  Web Links. <>

Multi-ethnic Resources

Inform Diversity/Race: U. of Maryland Ethnicity page of links. <>

Women of Color Page: <>

Queer Theory and Lesbigay Studies

Queer Theory Site: Good links and sections on Judith Butler and other theorists.  <>

Queer theory and philosophy  <>

Queer Search Engines:   QWorld<>
                                    Rainbow Query<>

U. of Maryland Inform Sexual Orientation Page:  Many resources listed, including a page of internet links to other megasites. <>

Materialist Feminism

Feminist Theory Marxist/Materialist Page: <>


Women's Health links: : Joan Korenman's links to many types of organizations dealing with health issues.

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