Computer Science

Throughout this course, we have had the opportunity to study the ethics and the overall use of computers and the various aspects of their abilities. We have learned that in addition to being helpful aids in times of need, they can also be used to potentially wreak destruction on a peaceful society. The title of Sara Baase's book is well-thought.


Cornell College has a well-planned policy. It is very fair with its students and does not discriminate against any of them.


Concerning the Fair-Use Guidelines we have been discussing in my ethics class, I found a decent link discussing them here.

These guidelines do a very detailed job of describing precisely all that the teachers and professors must abide by. By setting a definite standard, the teachers are better able to improve their practice.



On another note, I've been working on my paper that's due tomorrow for Computer Science, and I've been checking different resources. Some of them don't seem as reliable as others, so I'll have to be a bit careful. However, the teacher stipulated that we list a few good ones and a few that we shouldn't use.